About The Destination: Travel Group Inc. (DTGI)

The Destination: Travel Group Inc. (DTGI) has been providing specialized travel insurance products and services since the early 1990’s.

We provide a full range of travel insurance products and services to Students, Groups, Individuals and Expatriates.

We are proud to partner with insurance brokers, consultants, third party administrators, insurance companies and travel assistance companies to deliver quality special risk insurance products to the end-consumer.

We currently provide healthcare insurance programs to universities, colleges and other educational institutions across Canada. We have come to understand the unique needs of an international student clientele. We apply our in depth   experience and expertise to designing  successful  insurance programs  that  meet the  health insurance needs of the students  while they complete their studies in Canada or out of Canada.

We offer comprehensive coverage at affordable rates.  Backed by over 20 years’ experience, DTGI continues to anticipate the health insurance needs of International Students in a rapidly changing world.

Underwriting Partner

DTGI is please to partner with The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Manulife). Manulife Affinity Markets is a small division that boasts much success due to its entrepreneurial nature In August 1999, Manulife created a dedicated travel insurance business team within the Affinity Markets to increase its distribution to the marketplace. Manulife Travel Insurance Division has the unique ability and expertise to cater to all sponsor types and the needs of their customer segments and channels of distribution. In all cases we share a common denominator of successful program and business partnerships, which has made Manulife one of the leading providers of travel insurance products in Canada in both the inbound and outbound space.

As leaders in our respective areas of business, we know that our success results from a 20-year tradition of providing superior products and excellent service to our customers. With this partnership, we are well positioned to provide our customers with the quality insurance coverage and service they have come to expect. We can also leverage any opportunities that may arise from new and expanding markets.